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I love seeing stuff like this crop up! <3 

Can’t believe there’s only two days left until ‘Dimensions’ is released. After a year of work…it feels pretty surreal. 

Pre-order it if you want to hear it straight away :) 

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Waste - Beccarr and Jackson Perkins

Did a wee collab with Jackson a week or so back for my network Channel Flip. 

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I am so in love with this video right now.  Its fucking perfect.


In case you haven’t seen our latest release! ^^^ 

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The wait is over. Watch Anavae’s ‘Anti-Faith’ above - and get the track immediately when you pre-order ‘Dimensions’ at iTunes.

I can’t tell you how surreal it feels to finally get this out there. 

Our brand new video :) - Want U Back by (Cher Lloyd) | Anavae

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Brand new video :) 
Had a crack at Paramore’s ‘Still Into You’. 

Me & Will covered Jenny Don’t Be Hasty by Paolo Nutini :) 
I’ve been wanting to do this for so long! 

The Dangerous Summer - Where I Want To Be (cover) | Anavae

What we got up to yesterday (: 

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I get overly excited when I see myself in gif form! 

Check out our new cover <>


Anavae → Lights by Ellie Goulding [x]

Brand new cover with a smidge of @hexachordal. 

Dance, Dance, Dance - Lykke Li | Beccarr (ft. Tom Milsom)

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