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Some girls wander by mistake, Ibai Acevedo



Something happening somewhere

Wonder Bar, 1934

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Este & Danielle 

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I don’t want to go where I’m going I just want to leave where I am

Anonymous asked: You're perfect!

There’s no such thing ;) 

Anonymous asked: Just thought I'd inform you that you are beautiful. I know that being comfortable in your own skin is difficult and I know everyone has insecurities, but I just wanted to remind you that there are so many people that adore you. I love you.. <3

Messages like this sit in my inbox for weeks as I really have no idea how to reply. 

All I can really say is.. thank you for being lovely! 

Anonymous asked: I saw your video for "World in a Bottle", love the song by the way. In the comments someone stated how they were surprised at your actual age, also saying you look much younger. This made me curious soooo, how old are you?

Hahah! I would have been 21 when that video was filmed (: 

I turned 24 July just gone. 

Thankyou! Very glad you enjoyed it <3