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Anonymous asked: so proud of you, rebecca. i hope your big day was total amazeballs for you. my signature affinity for impeccable serendipity brought me finally on a first visit to your pages just in time, but it's slightly belated because i couldn't decide what to do and then it took a while... double down on chasing your dreams, and forget about catching the storm. we tire instantaneously in comparison to wind's endless gait. @ photobucket home URL add /user/emaciationofcreation/profile/ for my gift to you! :D

That last line has stayed with me for the past week… It’s more relevant than you could ever know. 
Belated birthday balls are better than none!! :D 
Thank you! (The photo bucket link doesn’t work, but I’ll trust that it’s awesome! ;)) 

strangerinthespotlight asked: Your smile tho>>>>

yourxdemisex asked: Your voice is like the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.

Anonymous asked: Original oldboy is so much better than the remake of it.

I haven’t seen the remake but that’s usually the case with Korean/Japanese remakes. Their directors are truly insane so how could we ever compete? 

Here’s my latest cover of a song called Blood Flight by Jenny Hval. 

It somewhat saddens me.. that an average Katy Perry cover of mine reaches 300k views, but then something like this which is pretty weird, granted, doesn’t get seen. 

And then I remember how the world works. I remember how no one has heard of the original artist either. 


The new Anavae EP ‘Parallel Dimensions’ is out today! Check out ‘Hang Man’ above and pick up the record for £2.49 at iTunes now.

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone.

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The Library of Congress has made a ton of images available of women working during WWII — actual real-life riveting Rosies. You can see a bunch more at Stuff Mom Never Told You.

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Start over, Kemi Mai



Fuke - Bright Colored Night

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Anavae Reveal ‘Hang Man (Parallel Version)’ Music Video


image London alt rock duo Anavae have revealed their new music video for 'Hang Man (Parallel Version)'.

The bands news EP, 'Parallel Dimensions' is set to be released on 20th July through LAB Records.

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